What’s The Right Arch Size?

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You wouldn’t know it by our catalog of endless building configurations and uses, but there’s sound reasoning in our choice of available sizes. Leave it to science to bring order to the chaos of arch buildings! All this time, you probably thought of the Romans who perfected the arch building, and you’re not too far off the mark. We definitely took a page from their accolades of design with a modern twist, or subtle bend of the arch to be exact. So, what is the perfect arch size? Putting the hardened steel through rigorous testing, our clever engineers have unlocked the ‘goldilocks’ zone for the perfect arch building. As it turns out, two-feet is the ideal size for the individual arch panels that comprise the overall structure. The panels will bolt together to finish out the structure. Anything smaller than two feet would likely compromise the structural integrity of the panels and surpassing that mark would be too cumbersome to piece together by hand. That’s the beauty of the arch building or Quonset hut. They have become the definition of turnkey and we strive to manufacture easy-to-install arch metal buildings.

Finding the Perfect Arch Size

As we mentioned already, we don’t arbitrarily pick random numbers when deciding which arch size to promote. We listen to our customers and keep a steady pulse on the heartbeat of market demands. Most of our arch sizes depend entirely on the storage need. Take the two-car garage. It’s the favorite arch size in a crowded field of cheap imitators. So, why not give the customer what they want? We offer three unique models of buildings with their built-in advantages. Each size is capable of easily accommodating vehicles of all sizes, but don’t feel like you have to stick the same script as everyone else. Pick whatever arch size best fits your storage needs and budget. Our buildings can go up to 100′ wide and as long as a semi-truck! But size isn’t everything when it comes to our buildings. We offer several smaller sized buildings to satisfy residential storage needs, such as the versatile one-car garage. Don’t know what arch size is best for you? No worries. Just tell us what you’re looking to store and we can advise the best available options. All our buildings are custom manufactured, so we don’t make it until you order it!

Cost Beneficial Analysis

Working with a nice round number, like two-feet, also simplifies the consultation. It’s always best to work with round numbers when figuring out storage needs. There’s also slight discomfort with odd numbers. Everyone likes things nice and even. Irregular sizes give everyone an uneasy feeling and plays a clever trick of the mind when trying to visualize what your perfect arch building might look like. Working with smaller two-feet panels allows for easy adjustments on the size without drastically affecting the overall cost. Recently, we encountered a customer in the market for a 30′ wide building. Halfway through the consultation, he realizes he underestimated his storage needs and wanted to upgrade to a 40′ wide structure. Not a problem. We knew instantly this order would require five additional tw0-feet panels to get it to the 40′ mark. Adding just five extra panels kept the additional costs in the $3,000 area. Working with smaller two-feet panels gives wiggle room for simple adjustments when calcualting the arch size.

What Are The Most Popular Building Sizes?

best building shape

Medium size buildings will always be the customers’ favorite. They give breathing room for growing storage needs without dipping too far into you checking account. Our A-Model 25′ x 30′ x 12′ and S-Model 20′ x 30′ x 16′ continue to top sales as the favorite among customers. But don’t feel pigeonholed to what everyone else does. Pick the size that best suits you! We offer our buildings in three unique models. The A-Model building is the only model that has a peaked center, most closely resembling an A-frame house – the perfect companion to any residence. Our A-Model works best for storing compact cars, riding lawnmowers, ATVs, and tools and equipment. Most of these buildings land on the smaller end of the arch size spectrum. They have straight walls before meeting the sleek end of the top A-crown. The S-model is a different animal entirely. S-Model buildings have straight walls at the bottom or shoulders supporting the top rounded curve top. S-models remain the top pick amongst farmers, mechanics and sports teams. With shorter side walls leading into the super structure arch, the S-Model allows for additional storage space at the bottom compared to the smaller A-Model. We also offer a Q-model building, which is the largest in our catalog. These buildings go up to 100′ wide and are ideal for commercial enterprises and airplane storage. Now that we’ve covered the nuance in arch size, it’s time to start building! Start your free consultation today!


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