How Long Do Metal Buildings Last?

metal buildings

With building materials remaining at an all-time high, everyone is looking to stretch their dollar a little further. We don’t blame you. Every dollar counts, so the end result should dazzle, as well as stand tall against unwavering pressure. While browsing endless building configurations online, you might be tempted to go with the cheaper modular models begging for attention. But let us ask you this: Does this prettiest girl in the room with the most integrity make a spectacle of herself for your well-deserved gander? Of course not. Poised and full of moxie, she’s more than capable of standing on her own two feet. Remember what your granny once said: ‘The surface shines while the insides rot.” The same goes for inferior construction. You get what you pay for. Our metal buildings outlast the creed of cheaper and flimsier building materials. Our metal buildings are built to last. Each Arch Buildings kit will catch and hold your attention for decades to comes. All metal building kits come with an industry-leading 35-year warranty with several of our structures already reaching the 50-year milestone without showing any fine cracks of age or weathering.

How Many MPH Can a Metal Building Withstand?

Factory-direct engineering affords you a metal building that can easily withstand 140 mph wind gusts, as well as 40 PSF snow protection. Each custom ordered building is built to meet the unique climate conditions of your neighborhood. Just give us your zip code and we can provide an array of custom sizes to fit your price range. We offer arch metal building kits in three distinct models that can come in a variety of sizes depending on application and storage requirements. Featuring a traditional peaked center, our popular A-Model can go up to 30′ wide and 16′ tall. Living up to trending consumer demands, sizing for our more spacious S-Model ranges anywhere from 16′ x 11′ up to a cavernous 60′ x 24′. This application is ideal for workshops, retail stores, boat and RV storage and industrial applications. If you’re looking for maximum protection, check out our mammoth Q-Series model, featuring sizes 20′ x 10′ up to 100′ x 30′. And remember, there’s no length requirement for any model of metal building. Go as long or deep as you need!

What Comes With Each Arch Metal Building Kit?

metal buildings

Each metal buildings kit comes with all the necessary building materials, bolts, screws, blueprints and directions for assembly. Comprised of multiple tw0-foot panels, our arch kits can be easily assembled with a few simple hand tools in one afternoon. For taller buildings, please consider using a scissor lift or ladder to speed up the installation process. We also recommend having a couple of friends on handle to assist with the build and make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Do You Provide Foundation Work?

Sorry, but we don’t provide foundation work, but our metal buildings can be built on any flat surface. Many customers choose to an erect their buildings on a concrete foundation with a metal anchoring system, at an additional price.

Do I Need Building Permit for Metal Buildings?

metal buildings

You can’t build anything these days without a building permit. While it might seem like more needless bureaucratic meddling, a building permit will always be a must for metal buildings. Permits minimize your liability while assuring your building is capable of withstanding the climate conditions unique to your area. We can assist you with the permitting process by providing all necessary paperwork and blueprints so you can break ground as soon as possible.

What Do You Mean By Customizable Metal Buildings?

Our metal buildings have been used in almost every application imaginable. Several customers continue to rely on arch metal building systems for the turnkey storage of boats, cars, RVs, tools and equipment and more. We’ve even seen some customers use arch systems as tiny homes or retail stores. Just a reminder, we only provide end walls at an additional costs. All interior work for any proposed configuration must be completed by the customer.


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